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    i'm little one said:
    Dear Algebra how r u?
    tell me do u have Skype?if yes u can add me coz it ll be pleasure for me to talk with u maybe more often there ;-)))
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    i'm little one said:
    Hi Algebra,thanks that didnt forget 'bout me)))
    yeah here is still cold a little but i cant wait for the warm weather))
    how r u doin?
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    algebra said:
    Hi little girl, who you doing? Russian Winter still? Tell me something
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    i'm little one said:
    ohh im glad about uu r all the time in studies like me(i meant languages))) coz mathematics its not for me and my mind) and yrah a google translatin its not good thing try with ur head i know u can
    im pretty well,learnin Serbian and working,studing at university in Saturdays and unfortinatelly i dont have time now for Spanish.but i know close to the summer ill dont worry))and ill write u smth i hope in it)))
    and here is really cold now - 15C can u imagine seems its winter came for sure winter
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    algebra said:
    Hi i'm little one. how's going in Moscow?

    I've just found out the truth about your username when I was fooling around on Youtube with Tose Proeski songs a couple of weeks ago LOL. That's so cute of you, I see you guys like him a lot. He's really a wonderful singer, even though I am not into male voices usually, but his voice is really something. Well life is on the same, studying mathmatics a lot, I've been home two weeks ago and it was a relief to my heart. It is always nice to be home

    I also keep studying russian, cheating on the learning process using google translator. But lately I can even translate some cheesy pop-songs. I'm really proud of myself since I've never been to any class of russian language. I'm studying the hebrew language too, but I go to classes every weekend and that's being wonderful.

    So how's it going in Spanish? Let me know if you need any help, count on me, even though I'm not showing up around here often. Just drop a text. See u .
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    i'm little one said:
    How r u Algebra?
    whats new in ur life and at all???
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    i'm little one said:
    ohh im glad about u,if i had oportunity i would take a holiday too and enjoy it as much as i canthanks a lot for that link ill use for sure and of course soon ill write u smth in Spanishsee ya ;-)
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    algebra said:
    Oh you're welcome, miss. I am really glad that you're going on through this. Besides Portuguese, Spanish is also a very beautiful language, and surely you'll enjoy it. So, I'm on holidays, that means I'm really fine. By the way take a look around here, there are lots of literature in Spanish on e-formats.

    At first you may use google to translate the text on the books to russian or English, you'll see it'll really speed up your learning. That's happening to me, I just check the words that seems weird.

    Once again join it and bla bla bla. Bye bye
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    i'm little one said:
    Thanks a lot,dear for booksit ll help me really))
    how r u?
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    algebra said:
    And see this I found when I was looking for the links. Pongate a bailar