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    algebra said:
    Hi, thanks for your welcome. Banden Powell is great. I'm a lover of guitars too, that's why I think that Bossa Nova and Fado please me so much. Unfortunately I haven't stopped to learn it but I will some day. Names like Elis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim Djavan and many (many) others are good references on the Brazilian side. Over the seas, I know only Amália Rodrigues, Mariza, Ana Moura, Carlos do Carmo, Camané and some a few others equally beautiful performers of fado (Amalia my favorite ever). I know something about Cumbia because I had a Peruvian friend I used to buy cumbia's cds from. He is a musician too, plays Andine flute, a great person. And as long as Spanish is my second favourite language (after my native one hoho), I enjoy Spanish songs a lot. And not only Spanish songs, some of them qualified as inferior or cultural trash, but I don't care, the good music for me is that one I push play and start singing along. That's it =)
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    amaryn said:
    algebra: Brazil's a great place. Portuguese language has, of course, been imported there, but still: that's a beautiful
    language and as a musician I do appreciate actually both Fado (Mariza) and the great rhythms Baden Powel has given us
    as a guitarist interpreting Brazilian melodies. Welcome!
    I also listen a lot to other music from South and Central America.