Conversation Between ROBBMACK and Vouve

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    ROBBMACK said:
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    Vouve said:
    Oooooh my god.....HA HA HA HA...just got it. But seriously, I love this line "I'm a rap forest.
    You're a rap tourist." A rap forest...
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    Vouve said:
    Who confessed?
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    ROBBMACK said:
    Guess who confessed to diggin on me
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    ROBBMACK said:
    U should
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    ROBBMACK said:
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    ROBBMACK said:
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    ROBBMACK said:
    You straight up cheese cake..why'd u leave scaredy cat
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    ROBBMACK said:
    I've opened your mind like a mobs hit list...
    Try n open mine, grab the knob n twist..
    I've been blowin as hard as the job insists..
    Like Ben's contents, I've been boxed in..
    I've been growin from the start like his pots of grits..
    U fall easy to the throne like soggy sht,
    squash.. spinach-
    corn on the cob remnants-
    a whole stew all in it-
    seek beef? this Ive brought is it-
    topped with spit..
    your drops drip-
    like waffle mix..
    You stack odds against-
    the top of the list-
    then waffle quick..
    Are you "al' 'bout 'ip 'op" chris?
    Look down on the peasants from your "Camelot's" crib?
    I'm Satan's seed so I know god exists
    he subjected my father to abolishment ..
    I was born of heat that melts tropic mist
    so I stare with a glare that says "MOCK THIS BTCH!"
    You're hot, I admit..but your not the sht..
    I'm naturally well rounded like cobble is..
    You're actually a spell bounded hobbyist..
    You're practically a stalker, u stay watchin this...
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    ROBBMACK said:
    Like smooth, my bic stays lit
    As bong hits get ripped
    I smoke dope snoop dogg would get,
    if he came to Austin, Tex
    Smooths still lit from his first spliff, what kind of pot is this?
    I stay lit like a toggle switch-with no off select...
    And I'll drop grips-to eat this Molly chick-
    She helps me drop all this proverb script..
    Remember the "prophetic novelist-to these comic strips"?...
    I saw all this-before the revelations john witnessed..
    I'll **** the Sig-for the lack of props given
    When referring to the aplocolypse..
    I'll welcome the world's stop with a twist..
    In the middle two hot chicks
    The meat in a ROBBsandwich
    Crackin seals on bottles, "phhst"
    Masons move solid bricks,
    with no loss of grips