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    ROBBMACK said:
    Sup bnb... I got sum for yo azz but right now I gotta go to jail and bust concrete.. keep writing hi and you'll drop bombs from there...
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    BackInBlack said:
    It's all good. Thanks.
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    ROBBMACK said:
    That is, my friend, exactly what's up... thanx for bein reasonable... that last line u post had me worried about you... it's all good on mashed up flattened out wood... just writes try'n to out do and impress that last... that tourists lumber line was fukn tight though...

    Also thank you for the compliment, if I actually kept you here, I've been successful at what I see needs be....
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    BackInBlack said:
    I appreciate that. I guess I was getting too serious. As for what you said about about not taking what you say in jest personally...Same here. I don't even know you personally so anything I may say in battle is just poetic license. I am sorry if I didn't give your writes the respect they deserve. They are good. In fact they are so good that you're the reason I didn't just quit when I first started out. Thanks for your time and patience. Like you said, don't take any of this as a weakness, I will still keep trying to slaughter ya on the battle field. Lol
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    ROBBMACK said:
    Ima try to bury you when you try and pass sum bull but your words seed my writes the same as yours feeding off mine.. just keep it on paper and don't look for hatred.. but if you don't mind please pay my posts the respect they deserve or don't respond.. that really does piss me off when you try and bust on a filler and completely dodge extremely well forged burners... use those to inspire you.. if you want keep it pm and I'll explain the well hidden when you don't see it.. just keep writing wether it's the sh|t or just sh|tty it's paper so it don't mind... see you on the battle field... the MUTHAFUKN MACK

    Oh yeah don't believe these niceties are any type of weakness.. I really just want whoever I write with to give it there all or pass on replying to my sh|t... even those sucky a newbs get a proper hat tip if they try.. but to be sucky without tryin is a slap in da face of the art.......
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    ROBBMACK said:
    You got it all twisted lil bud... to not like sum1 would be to completely disregard there existence, to address a person I don't like would be a waste of energy... and trust me I'm too fukn lazy to be wasting energy... there's no hate in my writing, unless you consider my feelings toward my own **** which I put out there cuz if it's hidden it haunts.. skeletons belong in shallow graves not closets.. hiding who you are means you're giving the people who you are not...I'm proudest of my darkest thoughts for those are the me I see during quiet moments of self reflection.. putting it in black and white is my low cost version of therapy.. being able to do so with elaborate creativity is just a bonus.. I keep coming at you cuz you're the only person posting with any confidence and I don't know bout you but I've seen improvement, not to say I think you need it, but I have noticed you giving more.. so just keep bringing heat and never take anything said in jest to the heart.. Ima try to