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    Daydream said:
    no I'm not in the UK lol and yes ur second guess is right.. good luck with school and gym and all of that inshallah enta bkheir?
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    ahmedisman said:
    hi Daydream. your not in UK? wennich ya hilewa? hey ur
    in USA if i remember correctly. So shaqu maku? ii missed ou guys. im stressing over school a lot! trying to counter it with gym and thinking about other things :P lol

    how about u?
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    Daydream said:
    haha you can go to UK but you wont find me there so how did you spend your New Year? I dont even remember how I spent mine LOL but inshallah this year is better than the last
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    ahmedisman said:
    kulish tayab Toronto is great.. although i definately didn not want to be here for new years since all the students go back home.. so thats what i did.

    Toronto is good. you should come visit sometime Daydream... . the new world! l:P lool just kidding... i should go to UK rather
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    Daydream said:
    w enta tayyeb hows the new year treating you so far? hows TO?
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    ahmedisman said:
    kul sana inte tayaba inshalla. love u too and yes i know! ATL is terrible from mobile lol

    hope ur wishes come true
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    Daydream said:
    haha I personally dont know if anyone is from Toronto lak shu youre a guy most of them are girls here.. work your charm and spill out some info. Missed you too and I havent been hiding haha I just havent been here akhh busy busy busyyyy crazy busy with my life and priorities and goals and such its an adrenaline rush, so ya I dont get on the laptop much w I prefer not to log into atl from mobile lol.. its just not ideal for browsing
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    ahmedisman said:
    is anyone from toronto on this site
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    ahmedisman said:
    lol i was reading dragonflys message and read Colombia and thought it was in the south american country!! looll who wants to go to colombia. i think i ned a cool vacation lol
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    ahmedisman said:
    i love ur work onhere. u translate my favourite songs u know