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    sohuda said:
    Oh loong time my friend, thanks for popping in.
    I've been doing well el7amdella, yes I am still in Oman, starting my 2nd year of medicine in a week inshallah.
    What about you? and how's your masters going along?
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    ahmedisman said:
    hello. how have you been? what developments have i missed? are you in oman stil?
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    sohuda said:
    In a college in Muscat. So yes still in Oman.
    Thank you very much.
    How are you doing? How's 2011 so far?
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    ahmedisman said:
    good luck with ur classes... where r u studying? still oman? :P
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    sohuda said:
    which song are you referring to in the video? the one that starts in 1.23min?
    the interviewer kept laughing at him because he said y3ni every 5 secs, I do that all the time
    and yeah I don't really get those shows too lol , and yeah I watch American tv shows, Glee, Grey's anatomy, Oprah, American Idol, so you think you can dance
    and many more
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    ahmedisman said:

    I like this one. what are these arabic tv shows? i dont get any of them

    btw do u watch any american shows?
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    ahmedisman said:
    oh yeah. so u didnt say. whats new with u?
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    sohuda said:
    ahlan ahlan
    I'm good, w yes lesa be3oman, still haven't started uni yet
    how's everything at your end?
    hm you want some of Ridha el3abdallah's songs that I like ? ok here are some:
    my fav. by him is bo3dak 7abibi:
    here are more I also like:
    you probably already know some of the songs already, anyway
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    ahmedisman said:
    willich sam3eeny ghaniya jadeed..... u got the best songs. give me one of ur favourite rida abdullah songs. u like him?
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    ahmedisman said:
    hey u wrote a shaku maku on my wall i didnt see it.

    so kulshee bil tammamm?