Conversation Between ahmedisman and Gole Yas

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    Gole Yas said:
    hehe .. hello dear how are you ..
    well .. listening to a variety of songs now .. 5aleeji and iraqi
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    ahmedisman said:
    Hi Gole. What are you listening to these days? Still Hussein Jasmi? he's awesome
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    ahmedisman said:
    Salamtich Gole Yas. Shaku maku? Keef al-7al?

    you like saying Sweetz? Is that like Sweety, or sweetheart? its funny :P
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    ahmedisman said:
    hey Gole Yas add some friends. u know the Befriend button lol.

    so lets continue our conversation. Ana mareed ashouf mu5eefa bil ba7rain. areed ashouf na5la 7ilewa.

    loll wat strange things are u talking about exactly?

    Have you been to the Holy Shia Shrine for Prophet Sala7... its on an island in Ba7rain very very nice... i loved it... like a mosque in iraq it looks like.... u know the hershey's kiss dome top. i love itt
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    ahmedisman said:
    Hi Gole. Thanks a lot for ur help on Translations! u rock!

    What does ur logo mean? the shield with a black background. pretty cool