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    amaryn said:
    see you like both Greek, German, Indian languages. You study them all three, do you?
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    amaryn said:
    Since you enjoy singing: what sort of songs do you like to sing? My profession, as you might know from my profile, is singing and playing guitar. My free time is filled with sports, reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music and keeping contacts with my friends here and on ATL As you like culinary arts, does it mean you like to cook too? My preferences are Thai and Indian food, lately have been trying my luck at Italian and Greek food too
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    amaryn said:
    Well, such a mixed salad is amazing! Hope you're online now and then and see, if my poetry is any good or am I suffering of devaluation
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    akoumarina1619 said:
    Yes, the poem was beautiful That was a brilliant idea and please keep it up.. it makes my life fell better Yes, yes.. People know me as the one who's name actually does something to me.. it means freedom. I have wide range of interests and I am always finding something new Yes I also saw your profile, I can only imagine that you are an amazing musician. I was born in America but I am mixed.. native american, african, irish, turkish, and some say italian but who knows?
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    amaryn said:
    Hi Nice you liked the pic/poem I wrote. There'll be more on the way. I thought it a good idea as last autumn I opened a different poetry thread. Always something new I see you have lots of interests on your profile pic From my avatar you can guess my
    profession: I am a musician Though I was born in Amsterdam, I live in Finland. What about you?