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    exactly brother
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    songlover26 said:

    yes Traditional wear do add to the beauty of a woman
    Yes it is Salwaar the lower half and Kameez the shirt.

    Nice to live in a melting pot isn't it...A taste of so many different places without having to go anywhere actually
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    i'll take a look at namastey london for sure! and yes you're right brother, lots of different culture. my favourite dress is still the sari! the colors are just beautiful. deepika wearing sari, like in chennai express, it was just a pleasure for my eyes!
    in punjab, you traditionnally wear salwar kameez? it's pretty too
    in fact, i live in paris surburbs, in a "poor" district. not that poor because there's no slum or people really starving etc. and in my city, there is a lot of people from all diferent countries! a beautiful melting pot, indians, arabs, africans, asians, etc. actually, i started to watch indian movies because some friends told me to do so
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    Heartbreaking Uday says in Dhoom 3 there are two India's ...One with all the facilities where rich live and the other that is poor and without even basic amenities...Noble intentions my friend May God show you the way

    Yes each state in india as different as a country with completely different language...culture...customs...history...dress...had they not been united in one country by our early leaders most of them would have been different sovereign states on the glob.
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    I am sure they die. It happens in the Dhoom Series...John Abraham dies in the first part and they don't show the dead body. I guess audiences don't like to see the hero lyimg dead. The Amir or better said the AMIRS are just for the song...separate from the movie.

    About Kat...I completely agree... not a specially crafted role for her in the movie...any actress could have played the role...but I believe they choose Katrina because she has the capabillity to attract ppl...Amir plus Kat...a never before combinition. If U like Namaste London...I think she is at her best in it..
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    France! Cool Yes Deepika was superb in CExp ... I bet she is gonna grab the best actress award for 2013...among actresses she gave the maximum number of hits this year.

    I can totally relate to that...I also wanna learn that I can understand songs...movies..interviews of my favorite stars ... subtitles don't always do justice to the original language. I wish you all the best in your efforts to learn the language
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    oh seriously? the highest rate? my dream is to move to india, to work there, to live there, to help the poor people, because all this poverty is heartbreaking. all these humans in slums, mountains, etc, when i will finish my studies in france. but i think i have to learn some hindi/urdu/punjabi/kannada/gujarati/tamil and so long, so many different languages!!
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    songlover26 said:
    Yup Good Guess... I am from Punjab.
    Kerela...Nice state I hear... has the highest literacy rate in the whole country.
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    and you from which state of india do you come? (if you actually come from india) you penjabi?
    personally, i would love to go to india!!! especially in kerala state, beautiful beaches!
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    yeah, i was sure you woild like it my brother! there's just something i didn't understand, you know when they jump out of the bridge at the end, they don't die? because we see them (the twins) just after that, but i don't know if it's for the story or just for the video song. what do you think?
    the only thing i didn't really like is that katrina kaif is completly useless in the movie lol! she's just there for the songs and the promortion of the movie. that's it. while she's really talented.
    anyway, i am from france (no problem for me to tell you brother), but i really enjoy indian movies! my favourite : CHENNAI EXPRESS, love deepika/srk! <3

    and i really want to learn hindi, so i will no longer need to read subtitles!