Conversation Between JD101 and ROBBMACK

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    ROBBMACK said:
    Is there somewhere else you go big at
  2. JD101's Avatar

    JD101 said:
    i ain't sure, i don't even use this site anymore i only came back on because i got a friend request off you by email
  3. ROBBMACK's Avatar

    ROBBMACK said:
    Yeah me too. I accidently posted a reply to a dis I thought came from you on the rip it thread. Can you tell me how to just post my **** to be seen without trying to call *****s out
  4. JD101's Avatar

    JD101 said:
    Admit I got a shock when I realised I'd been dissed by this robbmack?
    Ripped me then sent me a friend request left me gob smacked!
    So are we friends or foes? Never mind just get off my knob jack!
    If that passes for a diss now-a-days? You best go get ya job back!
    Am sure all will agree ya can "bark" but its "bite" that this dog lack!
    Its been a while since i was in a battle i normally just write tracks,
    But your so pathetic and out your league i couldn't ignore ya shite rap!
    Just ****ing reading that embarrassed me!! I felt like a right ****!
    I don't know why am replying?? suppose am just polite like that....
  5. ROBBMACK's Avatar

    ROBBMACK said:
    Youre right jd you got a sick flow but what's the reason? You got vd? Is your penis leaking. Or is it h I v, same team treason? Maybe is pms, are you the one bleeding. I'm a carnivore prepared for feeding smell blood in the water must be jd season. Easy prey due to sucka mcing. Run up and you'll be crawling as you're leaving. Begging. Pleading. Not succeeding. U ain't even worth the spit this rap came out as I was peeing