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    amaryn said:
    Morning! ou asked in the macedonian translation section about my kind of performing. If you want soe names of artists whose songs I sing to give you a better idea: from Italy Fabrizio de Andre, Francesco Gregori, Riccardo Tesi, from France Maxime Leforestier, Marie LaForÍt, Aznavour, from Belgium Jacques Brel, from Greece Iannis Parios and Mikis Theodorakis, Dimitris Mitropanos, from Southamerica Julio Jaramillo, Pedro Flores, Charlie Zaa... Hopefully it helps!!!
    As you are a professor: what do you teach/examine/write?
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    amaryn said:
    Milka! Morning! Wasn't it you who answered my question about some macedonian songs I could acoustically perform with guitar in private occasions, like congress parties, company parties, international gatherings....
    I sing songs in many languages already, turkish, macedonian, arabic and romanian being the newest ones I want to join into the repertoire.
    I sing and play guitar and I "jump" from language to language...
    Are there for example macedonian singers like that?
    Thanks you make an effort