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  1. Doug Denslowe
    Doug Denslowe
    "playing your dues"?!? never heard the expression before!I have heard of "paying your dues"Lol
    The "Walk on Down"is a downbeat,the accent on the one and three.Then the next line gets quiet,as it sung by the singer,alone.The "Walk on Down"is Everybody(who can sing on key,singing,with enthusiasm!You know know,hi-hat slightly open,down beat crashing.
    Boom,duh,boom-boom!Boom,duh,boom-boom!(that's the best I can do with just words!
  2. Doug Denslowe
    Doug Denslowe
    I wrote the chorus at a different times than the verses.Note the difference in tone!
    Should I post this or work on it some more?

    Growing Old Gracefully Is Not For Me!

    I hate getting old
    Here's what I do
    Wash my hair
    With Super-Glue

    Gum my meat
    And my women
    Put down the Bible
    Took up sinning
    Should have done this
    From the beginning

    Running towards
    life's finish line
    Remembering what
    I'd left behind
    Sex,drugs and
    Rock and Roll
    The women I loved,
    heart and soul

    You learn so much
    Growing old
    What it is
    I've never been told

    Growing old gracefully
    I'd be lying
    To stay looking younger
    Anything's worth trying
    What's good about
    Getting closer to dying

    Running towards
    Life's finish line
    Remembering what
    I left behind
    Rock and Roll
    The women I loved
    Heart and soul
  3. amaryn
    Thanks for the reply, Doug. Did I read somewhere before "playing my dues",lol If I did, now it's paying my dues- no problem!!!

    Well, yes, you know the answers already and I WUV THIZ! Ok, speaking for myself, Doug, you gave me a task to fullfill

    and I'm entangled like a fox in a trap,lol Got a sudden gig on tuesday. Thereafter I'll decide what to do with them
  4. Doug Denslowe
    Doug Denslowe
    Don't sweat it,it's not a homework assignment.Do it at your leisure.When I get some time,I'll give them a look,maybe give you a helping hand on that song.To me,it seemed like a natural.Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to see things.I'll get back when I reexamine the situation.
  5. amaryn
    Thanks Doug! That's how I see it too: no homework, more of a challenge. But not an impossible one
  6. amaryn
    Debeaux! Welcome here too. Great to have you!
    I mentioned "Innocence Lost" on your poetry thread. As you have
    deleted it, is the reason you want to rewrite it, if I may ask?
    Don't feel obliged to answer if you don't want to!
  7. WishinOnAStar
    hi guys sorry i havent been online recently
  8. amaryn
    As long as you'll come back, it's OK, Star!
  9. amaryn
    got a new song going: "Vampire Virgin"

    some girls are sweet,
    some girls are not
    some want to give you
    all they've got
    some sure like dancing
    some do not
    some like romancing
    and kiss a lot

    but you, you like
    to suck my blood
    you take a knife
    you carve a cut
    a Vampire Virgincruel and mean
    is what you've always been

    this song's not ready as yet,
    working on it
  10. amaryn
    A remark of Doug has put me to work on another theme as well, where Miss Insomnia
    meets Mr Sandman,lol
    I put that here in order not to forget.
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