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  1. amaryn
    a vampire virgin is now ready as well as Miss Insomnia and Mr Sandman.
    Both can be found on amaryn poetry 2013
  2. Doug Denslowe
    Doug Denslowe
    The song/lyrics/poem about miss Insomnia and Mr.Sandman is brilliant!Glad I could face you in the right direction!
  3. amaryn
    Hi Doug!

    Found your song about the Painful Process of Getting Older,lol

    Actually in the chorus you claim a flash back on what you are leaving behind
    whilst in the stanza you intend to "take up sinning" which, by the way is a
    great line!
    You might consider if the chorus should be thus more provocative.
    Just a suggestion,lol....
    Otherwise it sounds in my ears already.
    Who sang:"We get older, but no wiser"?
  4. Doug Denslowe
    Doug Denslowe
    Thanks,Amaryn.after I go for my nightly Stroll,if I don't think of any more lines,I'll post it.I'm thinking of changing the chorus to the verse with "Take up sinning".It makes more sense that way,as you pointed out.I can't believe all the great lines I had while walking.Trying to remember them is the problem!
  5. amaryn
    Some people walk their dogs whilst others walk their songs,lol
  6. avinash
    if any one understand hindi language...... . i have my song/lyric uploaded at this link... need opinion...
  7. WishinOnAStar
    Do you like Shakespeare
    Just bubbly
    movies on Sunday
    Do you like kissing
    when it's raining
    making faces in the station
    Do you like
    I need to know
    what do you like
    before you go
    Oh oh

    thinking of that song
  8. Doug Denslowe
    Doug Denslowe
    WishinOnAStar asked where her username came from.I answered.Was I right?
    I noticed this group has 13 members!I'm glad they add so much to the group!Maybe this should be called "The Silent Group!"
  9. amaryn
    hi guys! I thought to write a few more songs about Roma, as it is my favourite European city and I have been there
    many times.
    I'd like to hear more about San Francisco, Doug. Could you write about it maybe in a few poems or songs,lol?
    And what about Star?
  10. amaryn
    "find me", DOUG, I shall try to make into a song
    and publish it under Lyrics Review,
    though I find that my poems/songs get more attention under
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