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  1. Big Mike
    Big Mike
    freestyle. write it, post it, love it.
  2. B-Money(N.A.E)
    check dis real quic.. off da dome

    Itz B-money and im fresher den fragance
    Itz No AffiLiation i take time so have patience
    When i come thru im buyin everythang market
    too clean like purified water walkin on some blue carpet(East Crippin)
    Straight crippin nigg4 but im from the 2-3
    and if any nigg4 wanna bucc b!tch we can fuccin see
    All blacc clothes like it was a funeral
    my nigg4z straight Blood Gang but killin like a interval
    Blacc diamonds on my necc call it blacc ice
    i purchase whatever i want i don look at the fuccin price
    Clothes straight fresh nigg4 ima fuccin beast
    im chillen witt my cuzzin Tez blowin kush on the fuccin street
    On dat berry kush im smokin on some presidential
    got what you requesting stoopid drugs slo cookin mental
    Walkin thru the club nigg4 i aint gotta wait
    ima muthafuccin rebel beastmode on my license plate
    Chevy blue drop top blacc and white interior
    B-money on the beat b!tch my rhymes go inferior
    Gotta fuccin swag and my style is on infinity
    i wear so many different brands that shoppin spree's is used to me
    Wear alotta colors but i dont wear yellow
    cuz dats weak @zz latin kingz they meet my gun like hello
    Blacc blue red purple pink aqua teal
    dont wear green or yello nigg4 get shot the BLOcc itz real
    Killa-mode nigg4 im murderin neither or less
    most of dese nigg4s hatin on us cuz we fuccin fresh..

    hit me up yall
  3. XzMon3yBC
    ok ok that was pretty impressive but its now the Freestyling profiling rookie to step up to the plate and put u guys in ur place with no disgrace
    dont get it then think bout it to u know it its the XzMon3yBc talking in his impressive rhymes all the F#cking time like i got time to show u all how to play
    the game like im the Game and i know u dont want to play me cause if they try they will die and then multiple like its ur time to shine above all else that
    oppose u like ur the king of the Mountain well not for long cause im kicking ur A## off my Mountain to become and to remain the King of Freestlyin so i accept all comers and i know im not the best at this but i do what i can at it cause i got the courage to speak my mind and to spit out these sick A## rhymes like im the next Busta Rhymes but im not the next BustaRhymes im the new kid on the block who kicks As# and takes Names for a living and wont stop to i hit the top.

    (Hows that for a Rookie?)
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