1. Deleterious
    Here's something I posted a while back. some thoughts on rhyming with "double syllables" or more (polysyllabic rhyming) and flips.
    I think that breaking rhyme schemes down into 'chaining' and 'stacking' syllables is very useful and worth getting to grips with.
    do ask if you want clarification on anything- there's no shame in learning and practising.

    poly-syllabic rhymes are quite important, in my opinion.
    you could rhyme with longer syllable 'chaining'.
    for example:
    "spit" / "sh*t" = single.
    "sabre" / "flavor" = 2 syllable chain.
    "lightsabre" / "my flavour" = 3 syllable chain.

    each of those examples carry through just 2 repetitions. you could 'stack' more repetitions of the rhyme chains though.
    for example:
    "sabre" / "flavour" / "danger" / "crater" = 4 repetitions.
    you could use one of those at the the end of each line (to carry over 4 lines) or use them in fewer lines as 'internals' (carrying over 2 lines)
  2. mix'erup
    ok how bout this

    im not beat get out of the heat
    you think its "neat" to repeat
    the next line this is a damn ryhmn
    i got tech n9ne on my tail
    with a board with a nail in it
    im not gonna kneel to the guy who think there real
    there thinking about there next meal
  3. Evei_B
    while your thinking of a hot meal
    I'll be out getting a great steal
    you feel, your rhymes are an issue,
    there so bad they made Eminem cry and get a tissue,
    dang right this rhyme is meant to dis you,
    your rhymes are so bad your girlfriend doesn't want to kiss you.
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