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  • Demons on a Mission

    diabolically unreachable

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  • Real World Lyric Writers

    People who write about real life situations, things that go on not only in their own life, but in many others, where everyone has an open mind and a great personality, and putting their feelings on a piece of paper.

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    writing for singers and bands
  • J-Pop & K-Pop luvers

    Here you can submit any videos lyrics and talk about your favorate korean pop and japanese pop artists.

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    I'll start
  • Justin Bieber Group

    I am begging people to join this group.Click my name and look at a post i made about Justin Bieber facts.He is a really great person and every once in a while I will be coming and adding some updates on a couple of bieber facts.I am gonna try my best to get people aware of this group.Whoever joins this group it would be sooo nice if you could inform people on the forum of it.The more,the better.I WILL try to keep up with justin updates.It depends on how this goes.I may not be on for a while soon,because i am gonna meet him again at a concert of his but you will be hearing from me about this.Ok,now i am gonna try and get people to join.=)


    Todays Update=p April 8th

    WANT to see a picture of Justin Bieber asleep? Justin Bieber’s dad – Lord Bieber (yes, really) wants you to see it. Look at the little Bieber asleep in his crib. Lord Bieber tweets: “probably shouldn’t have posted that pic, sorry kido ”

    Too late. The picture is now starting a tend of sleeping celebs. We demand to see pictures of all our stars asleep. Athough, not Anthea Turner, obviously…

    justin bieber asleep Pictures Of Justin Bieber Asleep Click the pic below=)


    More for April 8th?

    Justin Bieber Likes to Date Mature Women!


    8, 2010

    Justin Bieber

    Now that he is 16 years old, Justin Bieber feels old enough to make moves on older women. First, he made it clear that he wasn’t joking when he asked Chelsea Handler out for a date. “You know, last time I was serious about that date, too. It never happened”, he said to Handler during one recent interview.

    Then, the overnight famous singer recalled about his crush on Kim Kardashian. In his interview with Chelsea Handler on April 1st, the Bieber Fever phenomenon was asked whether he dated Kim’s little sister Kendall, who is 14 years old. “Well, I mean she actually said, or Kim said, ‘I think Justin Bieber should date my sister’ and I was like, ‘I think I should date you’”, the singer courageously said.

    Then Handler said Kim Kardashian was too much of a woman for him to handle. But wait, Bieber replied that he weights 110 pounds and drives a Range Rover, so he can handle Kim. What a man!

    “Please just try and keep yourself together, because sooner or later you’re gonna be Justin Timberlake. And then you’re really gonna have to get the ladies away from you. And then you can’t flirt around anymore because then you’re going to have to follow up on your flirting and you’re really gonna have to close some deals. So be careful what you wish for, little nugget”, the host advised him.

    So when he said he would date one of his fans, was Bieber referring to an older female fan?

    Check out another cute pic i added down below....

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  • Music and Language Lovers

    Anyone who loves music or languages, you're welcome to join! :D

    BONUS: We post free music of all types!!! Language help can be found here, and song recommendations!!!

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    Song I heard in Kohls!

    EVERYONE ALLOWED. Mostly want rappers rap writers and beat makers. But all are accepted

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  • Servants of the LORD!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone who would like to join our group you are more than welcome.This group was made for a purpose it was made for anybody who needs jesus.If you need jesus right now send me a message!!!!! DNT BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING:-)

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  • All That's Left

    In a world corrupted, we stand alone. Apart from false realities, we come together as a last attempt at redemption. We are the unsung superheros, we get no credit, none at all. But rest well knowing we'll catch you, when you fall. For we are All That's Left.

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  • Turkish Music

    No Description

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    Fantastic Prizes On Offer
  • Inspirational lines in music

    Just thought I'd start a group for those who wish to hear or post about lines in music that inspire them or make them feel a certain way quite strongly. :)

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    Inspirational lines in music

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