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  • Date of Birth August 18

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  • Biography I'm not really sure how to summarize myself or my life in one neat paragraph. I could say it's been interesting. I didn't grow up on a battlefield, but wars wage just as well at home as anywhere else. I've struggled, just like everybody else, and this led me to writing. I don't think my life has been worse than anybody elses and I think it's been shitloads better than a lot of people's, so i'll say that i'm thankful and I try not to be dramatic about the little things. Living life as drama free as possible is one of my main goals. The End.
  • Location The Land, the Land - of Sun and Sand
  • Interests Writing & Music(obviously), reading, traveling, manga/anime, animals, art, etc...
  • Occupation Starving Artist/ Furniture refinishing & resale


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