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  1. Faayzaah' said:

    Default French Basics

    So here's a first French lesson that was originally requested by VivaPalestina, but that could be useful to anyone who wants to learn French and has never taken any classes before. Here we go with some basic phrases and words:

    Bonjour: Hello / Good day / Good morning

    Bonsoir: Good evening

    Bonne nuit: Good night

    Salut: Hi / Bye

    Au revoir: Goodbye

    S'il vous plaît / S'il te plaît: Please (formal / informal)

    Merci (beaucoup): Thank you (very much)

    De rien: You're welcome

    Bienvenue: Welcome

    Allons-y!: Let's go!

    A plus tard: See you later

    A bientôt: See you soon

    A demain: See you tomorrow

    Désolé(e): Sorry

    Comment allez-vous ?: How are you? (formal)

    Je vais bien: I'm fine.

    Très bien / mal / pas mal: Very good / bad / not bad

    Ça va?: How are you? (informal)
    Ça va: I'm fine. (informal response to Ça va ?)

    Oui / non: Yes / no

    Comment vous appelez-vous?: What's your name? (formal)
    Tu t'appelles comment?: What's your name? (informal)

    Je m'appelle...: My name is...

    Enchanté(e): Nice to meet you.

    Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle: Mister, Misses, Miss

    Mesdames et Messieurs: Ladies and gentlemen

    D'où venez-vous?: Where are you from? (formal)
    Tu viens d'où?: Where are you from? (informal)

    Je suis de... / Je viens de...: I am from...

    Où habitez-vous?: Where do you live? (formal)
    Tu habites où?: Where do you live? (informal)

    J'habite à...: I live in...

    Quel âge avez-vous?: How old are you? (formal)
    Tu as quel âge ?: How old are you? (informal)

    J'ai ____ ans.: I am ____ years old.

    Parlez-vous français ? / Tu parles anglais ?: Do you speak French? (formal) / Do you speak English? (informal)

    Je parle allemand.: I speak German.

    Je ne parle pas espagnol.: I don't speak Spanish.

    Comprenez-vous? / Tu comprends?:
    Do you understand? (formal / informal)

    Je comprends: I understand

    Je ne comprends pas: I don't understand

    Pouvez-vous m'aider? / Tu peux m'aider?: Can you help me? (formal / informal)

    Bien sûr.: Of course.

    Comment?: What? Pardon?

    Je sais: I know

    Je ne sais pas: I don't know

    Où est ... / Où sont ... ?: Where is ... / Where are ... ?

    Voici / Voilà: Here is/are... / There it is.

    Il y a ... / Il y avait...: There is / are... / There was / were...

    Comment dit-on ____ en français?:
    How do you say ____ in French?

    Qu'est-ce qu'il y a?: What's the matter?

    Ça ne fait rien.: It doesn't matter.

    Qu'est-ce qui se passe?: What's happening?

    Je n'ai aucune idée.: I have no idea.

    Je suis fatigué(e) / Je suis malade.: I'm tired / I'm sick.

    J'ai faim / J'ai soif.: I'm hungry / I'm thirsty.

    J'ai chaud / J'ai froid.: I'm hot / I'm cold.

    Je m'ennuie.: I'm bored.

    Ça m'est égal. / Je m'en fiche.: It's the same to me / I don't care. (informal)

    Ne vous en faites pas. / Ne t'en fais pas.: Don't worry (formal / informal)

    Ce n'est pas grave.: It's no problem. / It's alright.

    J'ai oublié.:
    I forgot.

    Je dois y aller.: I must go.

    A vos souhaits! / A tes souhaits!:
    Bless you! (formal / informal)

    Félicitations!: Congratulations!

    Bonne chance!: Good luck!

    C'est à vous! / C'est à toi!: It's your turn! (formal / informal)

    Taisez-vous! / Tais-toi!: Shut up! / Be quiet! (formal / informal)

    Je t'aime: I love you.

    Tu me manques.: I miss you. (informal)

    Quoi de neuf?: What's new?

    Pas grand-chose.: Not a whole lot.

    If you need to know anything else, just let me know and I'll post some more things such as to be and to have, useful words, common expressions, question words... Feel free to ask all the questions you have
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    VivaPalestina said:


    For some reason there is no thank you button maybe I've exceeded my limit?

    But THANK YOU poisson rouge!! I tried posting on the learning french thread but to no avail, it didnt really help cause everyone was so much more advanced than me

    salem ideki ya amar!!!
  3. Faayzaah' said:


    Hehe Oh yeaah you made me think maybe I should have posted that in the Learning French thread :/
    Anyway YOU'RE WELCOME! Poisson rouge to the rescue! :P
  4. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    And I'm back!!
  5. dragonfly93's Avatar

    dragonfly93 said:


    LOL, good idea, Faz... You should have started one with French AND Spanish for Viva, though

    We also have a Speaking French thread...

    And Learning...
    Minä olen horjunut, epäilen enemmän kuin ennen
    Mutta halusit ihmisen, sen viat, sen heikkouden
  6. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    Okay, our lovely Faayzaah is back, and our smart Dragonfly is ready to help, so guys, what are we waiting for, talk to me in french s'il vous plait, and lets make this poisson rouge a french speaking poisson!!

    Bonjour ma puce!! Ca va?
  7. Faayzaah' said:


    Ça va très bien, et toi?

    (Quit speaking english from now on if you really want it to work )
  8. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    Bien tambien ma cherie! I cant I dont know what to say! D'ou venez-vous?

    Is tambien too in french?
  9. Faayzaah' said:


    No, "tambien" means "too" in Spanish! It's: Bien AUSSI.
  10. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    Pardon ma puce!! Can I have another one? I only know cherie

    bien aussi! j'adore francais
  11. Faayzaah' said:


    J'adore LE français.

    Well I don't know what else I could give you that won't sound too gay (cause I know you don't need that LOL )... Ma puce, ma chérie... MA BELLE (means "beautiful" but girls often call each other that)
  12. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    J'adore le francais? I love the french?

    J'habite á Londre, et toi?

    Haha cant I get away with it cause I'm a freshie? Besides, its only my ATL repuation thats bad
  13. Faayzaah' said:


    Haha I know I know And yes, it's "J'adore LE français", "J'adore L'anglais", etc, for languages.

    J'habite à Paris! Qu'as-tu fait aujourd'hui? (This one's a bit hard but give it a try!)
  14. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    J'habite à Paris! Qu'as-tu fait aujourd'hui?

    I live in Paris! What did you do?

    Je ne sais pas!

    Also, if its not too much trouble could you write underneath how to pronounce it? Like jabeet pa3'e? Quato fe aujo3'do?
  15. Faayzaah' said:


    Quote Originally Posted by VivaPalestina View Post
    jabeet pa3'e? Quato fe aujo3'do?
    LMAOOO! This was funny

    Qu'as-tu fait aujourd'hui? = What have you done today?
    Kaa tuh fey ojurdui?

    Yallah answer!
  16. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    I've never learnt french!! We Brits are too stuck up to learn languages!!

    Je parlez vous francais with Faz?
  17. Faayzaah' said:


    LMAOOOOO Oh wlh you crack me up Noor!

    J'ai parlé français avec Faz. = I spoke french with Faz.
    Jay paarley francey aveyc Faz.

    BRB, I'm going to shop!
  18. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    Hey you're never gonna be bored with me as your student ma belle!!

    Bien sur! Tu dois y aller! Tu me manques already
  19. Faayzaah' said:


    Quote Originally Posted by VivaPalestina View Post
    Bien sur! Tu dois y aller! Tu me manques already
    This one was perfect.

    Already = Déjà.

    And believe me, the French too are too stuck up to learn languages. Trouble is, they got no reason to be since their language isn't the universal one LOL! Not alot of people can speak english in France.
  20. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    Just goes to show how amazing you are ma belle!!

    Lol it was perfect cause I took it from your first post Ia I will write them all done and learn them, so that I can impress you with my francais skills!!

    Shop bien?