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  1. Avalin said:

    Default Chlyklass - Liechterlösche (Swiss German to Englisch)

    I am new here. I am from Swiss German and therefore I will translate some Swiss German Songs

    Here the Swiss German lyrics, I will translat it so fast as possible

    Chlyklass - Liechterlösche
    On youtube: Chlyklass - Liechterlösche
    Firstly I have to say that I don't understand the meanings of all the sections. Certainly I understand it but there is no sense to me ^^

    achtung, zit zum liechterlösche, klass chunnt, da chömä sieche wo burne,
    mir ribe üs d`pfötä nämet dfinger id höchi, zlevel wird immer wie höcher, mir chöme immer vo nöiem
    Attention, it's time to turn off the lights, the class cames, there are guys/people coming who are rocking, we are rubbing our paws (hands) put your fingers up in the air, the level always rises, we are coming again

    vielech löse mir üs ja uf wäg stritt u stutz, leider si di stange gäud liecht verteilt dürnes duzet,
    maybe we suspend our class because of argument and money, unfortunately a pretty penny is readlily divided by twelve people,
    gsesch mi z`gäud zeuä derzeu närvig pfiffe wi dä scheiss woni verzeue,
    you are seeing me counting my money while I am whistling/piping nerving like the shi* I am telling you

    scho wieder zyt wo cash u brüscht schneit, ume ufem heiwäg bsoffe i gebüsch gheit,
    Again the time where cash and breast is snowing, and on the way home fall pissed in the copse
    vielech erstickemer ja am eigete erbrochene, isch zwar no möglech aber i würd nid druf hoffe
    maybe we will choke on the own vomit, it ist possible but I woudn't hope for that

    du hätsch gärn ds mr vor biudflächi verschwindä, chasch vergäsä mir blübä zämä für immer,
    You wanted us to vanish into din air, forget it we will stay togehter forever,
    mir gäbä gigz um gigz scho chunnt di nächschti schibä, u i gloub äbä bärn isch ärdbebäsicher,
    we are giving one gig after the other there is still the next disc, and I believe Bern (Capital city of Switzerland) is safe from earthquakes
    ke vulkan ir nechi nid lawinegfärdet, u dr link isch it Rs de cha minä entschärfä,
    No vulcano no danger of avalanche, and Link (name) is at a RS (recruit school) and can defuse mines,
    i ha dr nothäufer zum auklichä beläbä, u mir blibä im rap-bizz musch nid zytverschwändä
    I've got the "helper in need" (passed course, you need it for exemple for your driving tests) and can revive alcohol bodys, and we will stay in the rap business you haven't to lose time!


    i gseh konkurränz wi si bätä zu gott, ir hoffnig irgendwenn bringemer üs säuber i nott,
    I see our rivalry how they pray to god, they hope that we bring ourselves in troubles one they,
    villich verfaumer de froue schnaps chärä u chlotz, ville mit paume goufplatz u bärgä vo koks,
    Maybe we will be the slave of women, schnapps, cars and blocks, maybe we will build a golf cours and mountains of cocaine
    lieber hänge aus schribe mit schäisslieder z`fride, wärde geng grosskotzter bis fans üs nüme liebe,
    rather hanging around than writing, pleased with goddam songs, maybe we become snotnosed till our fans don't like us,
    nachem hochmuet tiefer unge aus me cha gheie, nur i dine tröim gieu gfaue düemer dr keine
    after this arrogance deeper than anybody can fall, only in your dreams guy, we won't make you a favour!

    j`te chie dessus mec, ca se dissipe et j`y suis plus ouais, hass mi rap wi ne warmi schissibrüue,
    (French part -> a national lanuge in Switzerland, too) I don't care you guy, I hate my rap like s***
    pas difficile ca coule si t`écris sans soucis, doch nümm viu lieder guet sit eki`s oh susi,
    [b]isn't difficult this flow if I write it with out sorrows, but no longer many songs are good if I write it with our sorrows,
    sors les gros ouzils rho kolleg essig, los chasches ged la si wed nid wosch gross usecho,
    with out the big extras, the friends are bare, you can leave it if you don't want to hit it big
    marche petit, la route est longue, aso schaff oder wart bis mer au ersticke ame lachsbrötli
    go small, the route is long, so work or wait till we choke on a salmon bread


    sits üs git hei mr schriis, ligt das a üs odr si di angere immer no ds mies,
    since we exist we are having conflicts, are we responisble for this or are the others mean,
    s`bringt nüt wed im züüg umeschreisch, so nimm dr druck wäg plus konzentrier di uf d`schläg lug,
    it's useless if you are shoutin in the train, take your pressure away concentrat you on the beats,
    bärn isch da bärn het ä name, wem verdankemer das? lug pass uf dass di nid verhäderisch,
    Bern is Bern, it has a name, who is it due to? look out, try to don't entangle yourselfe,
    s`muss verhäbe s`muess rouuä wi redr bis de räpper bisch
    it has to be completed, it has to roll like wheels till you become a rapper

    i liebe cash i bi mitim verwandt doch würd, gnau so wieder vo vore a o ohni resonanz,
    I love cash I am related with it, but I would start again with out resonance, too
    tüet schwätze isch glich wöu für üs tate zelle, schaute ufe chöi üs nur no säuber ufhaute,
    Talk, it doesn't care us becaus for us the actions speak luder than words, we swith higher only we can stopp ourselve
    viellech suufe mir üs unbeliebt nä paar lokau vonang, oder lös ganz wäg mätsche u simpsons im programm
    maybe we drink us unpopular or hear the simpsons programm

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    Steena said:


    Welcome, Avalin! It's great to have a helpful person here from Switzerland. You will find a lot of threads where Tahira and me tried to translate songs from your country more or less successful actually!
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
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    tim2286 said:


    try to say that in schweizerdeutch steena
  4. Steena's Avatar

    Steena said:


    Naaah ... I can't.
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
  5. Avalin said:


    In Swiss German (in my dialect) it is: "Willkommä, Avalin! Äs isch grossartig än hilfsbereiti Person vo dä Schwyz hiä z ha. Du wirsch vieli Threads gfindä wo Thaira und ich versuächt händ Liäder vo dim Land meh oder weniger ergolgrich z'übersetzä."
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    Macbard said:


    Hello Avalin

    I also Welcome you. Lately, I have been responsible for requesting a lot of
    the Swiss German to English translations. Since I have limited knowlege of German and practically none for Swiss German, I have been feeling guilty for
    asking Tahira and Steena to translate them for me. I can't really express my gratitude to them for doing this. It will be great if you are able to work with them on these. I wish I could do more than make the requests. Sorry for talking so much. Again Welcome.

    Have a great day, Macbard
    Wenn man dem Hass freien Lauf läßt, wird er die Seele von innen zerstören.
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    Tahira said:


    Quote Originally Posted by tim2286 View Post
    try to say that in schweizerdeutch steena

    And for me: "Can I use my telephone joker ? "

  8. Avalin said:


    Thanks for welcome me so nice! I'd like to help you if you have some problems with my language!