Solved: Sounds like Robbie williams?

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  1. StuckInMyHead said:

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    It was on BBC radio 2 a couple of days ago, two days consecutively, It SOUNDS like robbie but I cant find it in his list of singles, its got a pretty powerful chorus and the line i can KIND of remember is "They don't understand it really was the plan/it wasn't the plan" / something that kind of rhymed with understand I know its not much to go off, and i cant really remember the tune anymore o.o

  2. Steena's Avatar

    Steena said:


    It's a wild guess, but try it: Robbie Williams - Feel
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
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    catherini said:


    Could it be Take That - The Flood
  4. Th3Diplomat said:


    Robbie Williams - Misunderstood
  5. StuckInMyHead said:


    It was Take That! Aaah explains why it sounded like Robbie, it was! Thanks Identify my song Gnomes!