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  1. Psychotic Wooden Fist said:

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    I'm here to get some feedback for my lyrics and generally talk about music.

    I'm guitarist in a hardcore band where i do pretty much all the writing and recently fancied starting a little solo rock project which i'll be calling Psychotic Wooden Fist. Hopefully i'll have some stuff written for that soon and maybe even find a way of recording some of it to upload for you lovely internet people, i'll see how it goes though first, i'm not entirely confident in my voice, hence why i'm a guitarist in my band.
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    larosa said:


    welcome to the forum and good luck with your project!!
    life is Super good
    (this is bull ****)
    if you seek arabic translation,PM me
  3. KDOGG331 said:


    hello! welcome to the forum! i am new as well! good luck with your project!
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    ciyo37 said:


    Welcome to forum.
    Şehitler Ölmez,Vatan Bölünmez
  5. Psychotic Wooden Fist said:


    Thanks a lot guys.