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  1. amaryn's Avatar

    amaryn said:

    Default tancuj tancuj text needed

    this song from slovakia I heard in Prague. Now guests arrive who want me to perform this song amongst others, but I only have the first verse and no translation. Does anyone know this
    traditional song? In Slovakia everyone seems to know it, young and old
  2. maja_29 said:


    czechs also know this song it is late, but better than never

    Tancuj tancuj vykrúcaj, vykrúcaj, /dance, dance
    len tu piecku nezrúcaj, nezrúcaj. /but do not destroy the furnace
    Dobrá piecka na zimu, na zimu, /furnace will be usefull in winter
    nemá každý perinu perinu. /not everyone has a duvet

    trálalala trálalala tralalalalalálalalála
    trálalala trálalala tralalalalalálala

    Stojí voják na vartě, na vartě /soldier is guarding
    v roztrhaném kabátě, kabátě. /in tattered coat
    Od večera do rána, do rána /from evening till morning
    rosa na něj padala, padala. /the dew fell on him

    Pobil cigán cigánku, cigánku /gipsy (man) bang a gipsy (woman)
    po zeleném župánku, župánku. /in a green wrapper (the woman)
    Cigánečka cigána, cigána, /gipsy (woman) bang gipsy man
    po zádečkách vidlalma, vidlama. /on his back with a fork
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    amaryn said:

    Cool Dekuji!

    Here again I send you the thank you this way: I had a girlfriend in Prague, but she didnot remember the words. So really nice.
  4. maja_29 said:


    you are welcome
    i rather found the lyrics, coz i wasn't sure how to write slovak words. and i was surprised about the third part, i didn't know it. maybe it is not original and it was added later, i don't know
  5. dusanman said:


    we dont use ě in slovak language, only simple e. vidlama would be better translated - with rake. and as far as i know to bang means more likely to make someone pregnant, so the frase beat up would be more appropriate.
    i work in an translation company <a href="http://www.1globaltranslators.com/traduccion/ingles.php" title="traduccion ingles">http://www.1globaltranslators.com/traduccion/ingles.php</a> and i am a slovak, so you can trust me.
    maybe it doesnt matter to you, but i just wanted to be exact
  6. maja_29 said:


    no problem. you are more exact, but i was faster
    anyway, only the first part is slovak, the rest is czech. so i used "ě".