I need help identifying a song in a movie

Thread: I need help identifying a song in a movie

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  1. rebel65 said:

    Default I need help identifying a song in a movie

    I was recently watching a lame Harlequin movie called Diamond Girl. There was a song that I liked and I can't find any info on it. Please Help !!
    Was a slow song, female singer and I have a few lyrics. ANY help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    The movie is on youtube in parts, the song is in part 7 from about 4:30-6:30. This is the link in case anyone wants to hear it.

    Sweet Aphrodite, I need somebody
    A woman is crying, someone to love
    You are the Goddess of love
    you see it all from above
    Oh help me......
    Please Aphrodite, send me somebody
    I've been so lonely, someone to love
    There's nothing that you can't do
    You know I'm counting on you
    So help me......
  2. simnia said:


    Sorry, I don't recognize the song offhand.

    Can't you rent the movie and check the music credits at the end? Or try looking up the movie on IMDb (www.imdb.com) and look at the tab on the bottom of the page for the soundtrack associated with that particular movie.

    P.S.--Here's the IMDb link to that movie, but there is no soundtrack information. However, there is a message board associated with every movie, and you could post your question there.

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  3. rebel65 said:


    Not listed in the credits, I have the movie. Looked online and couldn't find ANYTHING.
  4. Lulumoney2k said:


    The original song is "Aphrodite" by Scott Fagan. However, I don't know who sings that particular rendition but will note it is much better!