I'm a new mom and I am having a hard time remembering most of the words to those songs of my childhood, and I'm tired of singing the national anthem to put my baby to sleep. Please help me!
Please post good baby songs, folk songs, old patriotic songs, etcetera - no Barney or Teletubbies or whatever is on TV these days, please.
I'm thinking of 'Oh, Susanna', 'America the Beautiful', 'London Bridge', 'You are my Sunshine', 'Are you sleeping', and the like.

Soy nueva mamá y quiero cantarle canciónes infantiles tipicas a mi nena. Ella es chicana y no conozco muchas canciónes en español para cantarle. Favor de ayudarme.
Si conoces la letra a algún canión favor de anotarmela aqui. Gracias!