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    Jado jado da teinu vekheya = Since the time I have seen you
    Mera Dil tere utte dul gaya = My heart has been all over you. He means He is in love with her
    Hun tu meinu das mein kee karan? = Now you tell what should I do?

    Meinu raat neend na aave = I can't sleep at night
    ke teri dil nu yaad satave. = Every second your memories torment me.
    ke sun le sohniye = Listen to me O! Beautiful

    Laat Laat Buliya = Red Red lips
    Te gora gora Rang = And fair color
    Munde Haye ni Haye saare karde = All this makes the boys Sigh
    Haye ni gussa patlo da = OH! Anger of the slim gal

    (Haye Oye) Oh!

    (Marge) It's a Killer

    OH! BABY! Don't break my hear...Don't Break my heart
    Coz I have been WAITING...for a long long time....

    Kadhe ta kadhe ta has ke bolde = So talk to me with a smile someday
    Kade?? terian ne kholde = ??? Open
    Meri Jaan hai hazar tere liye = My life is at your service
    Sau rab di mein aashiq tera...Ni sun le sohniye... = God Swear I am a lover of yours...Oh! listen to me Girl.
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