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    Default What is this song (Season 1,Ep 5)(have video)

    anyone know the song in the background?

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    Here's the list of all the songs which appear in that episode.

    Everybody Else ‘Rich Girls Poor Girls’

    Bus Stop ‘What You Do’

    Chris Von Sniedern ‘Like Me That Way’

    Maren ‘Hey You’

    Keith Varon ‘Honestly’

    Maren ‘Someday Is New’

    The Handcuffs ‘Everything L.A.’

    Angels & Airwaves ‘The Adventure’

    We Are Scientists ‘The Great Escape’

    Damn Latin Soul ‘Gingold's Jackpot’

    Teen Machine ‘Steal Your Girlfriend’

    Able To Fly ‘Life’

    Blacktop Mourning ‘Another Day’

    Sabrosa Purr ‘Lovely People’

    Evan Olson ‘Summertime’

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