Translated by Daydream.

سيبوني ياناس بحالي بحالي أروح مطرح ما اروح
Sebouni ya nas bi7ali bi7ali arou7 matra7 marou7
Leave me, oh people, alone to go wherever I wish to go

ده غزالي وفى عزالي وخلاني لوحدي أنوح
Da ghazali wafa 3ouzali w khallani liwahdi 2anou7
It is my mystery and my mystery has left me to venture off alone wailing

Leave me

وكم ابعتله تراجي ولا يقبل رجاي
Wa kam 2ab3tlou taraji wala i2bal rajai
And how many times I have sent her, begging her, but she doesn't accept my begging

اعمله انا وانا بميله في سره ماقدرش ابوح
A3melou w ana w ana bameelou fi sirou ma2darsh abouh
I will do it for her and I tell her in secrecy, because I cannot reveal it

Leave me

الفل والياسمين والورد عملهم سوا صحبة موضة
El ful w el yasmin w el ward 3amaloum sawa sou7ba mouda
The Arabian jasmines, jasmines and roses, their treatment toward me is that of a fashion

ويا الزهور دول عمله وعد ويا حبيبي الموضة
W ya zouhour doul 3amelou wa3d w ya 7abibi el mouda
Beside the [other] flowers they have made a pact, and near my lover is this fashion