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  1. Flower's Avatar

    Flower said:

    Wink Looking for a songwriter!


    I'm a singer/vocalist/musician and I'm looking for a songwriter.
    i love any kinds of music. I've created some acoustic songs,
    done a few dance/electronic projects, have been doing collabs.
    used to sing in a band, have been performing live.
    i'm in a musically family, my parents are both in a band.
    i have been singing for years. and would love to keep it up this way.
    we can chat through skype/msn and i will not publish your lyrics without permission.
    I will give you credit in my youtube videos.
    u can check out my music here : http://www.youtube.com/saskiaatjeeh
    please send me a private message and share your ideas (=

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  2. Or_Dahan said:


    Hey I think I have a couple of songs to suit you,
    If you will contact me by email or on Facebook Your Email: evlind@walla.co.il
    Facebook: Or Dahan http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000298015172
    Thanks Or Dahan,[/I][/B]
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    Victor Sklyarov said:


    look at my started threads. Do not fail to contact me.