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    Bosniaque said:

    Default Eurovision 2011

    I haven't seen this thread anywhere so I hope I am the first to start it, if it has been started feel free to delete this. Besides two countries I am attached to (Norway and Bosnia) I won't say what I think about them cuz I am influenced by my connection to them lol. Anyway, I want to know which songs you guys like so far?

    This is my list of those I like SO FAR (since not all songs have been aired)

    Poland - Magdalena Tul "jestem" (favourite)
    Moldova - Zdob si Zdub - So lucky (like the voice of the artist and the music)
    Estonia - Getter Jaani - Rockefeller Street (I can see this one getting on a good place)
    Latvia - Musiqq - Angel In Disguise

    Usually I love Turkey and Greece too, but this year I'm kinda disappointed with these countries entries ://
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    Spring said:


    Actually, all countries have announced their songs, except Azerbaijan - due to be aired tonight (or has been already?)
    You can find them all here - click

    Now, for that tip, you have to tell me something ... Dino's song reminds me of one of his older songs and I just can't figure out which one! So.. which one is it please?

    And I must say that I am very disappointed with all of them this year... Not a single memorable song! Nothing I will remember. Nothing I even memorized by now. Boring boring... but I guess I can give some credit to Bosnia for sending Dino who is simply - Dino , Hungarian song is excellent (English version), the French/Corsican song has potential but ..nah... Cyprus also gets points from me for going with the traditional sound which I adore (on that note - Greek song would be great too if they ditched the Stereo Mike part) and before I start insulting the rest of them (not because they are all so bad, like some of them really are, but because they are boring boring), I better stop

    I have to add one more thing - That Zdob song is Soooo damn annoying! lol
  3. AgapiAgapimeni said:


    Greece's song would not be the same without Stereo Mike's part. They could've used someone else like Stavento or Master Tempo though.
    Agapi Agapimeni
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    Bosniaque said:


    I actually like Greece's song now as well, I just wish it were without the rapper..he doesn't fit in there. He just ruins the whole experience for me .
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    alfredo172 said:


    I enjoyed 08, 09 and 10. A few songs from those years managed to end up in my music list.
    2011 on the other hand was a disappointment. Most of the songs to me felt like amateur songs and a few are decent.

    Alexander Rybak in 09 was the best year, I will never forget that.
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    Paul Orhan said:


    My top favs this year include:

    Serbia (great song)
    Bosnia (ah, Dino, Dino!!!)
    Greece (I like it with the rap, it makes it strange but interesting)
    Bravo Balkans!

    Azerbaijan (in lack of Turkey if only their voices were better...)
    Hungary (good dance track)

    Poland was soooooooooooooooooooooooo lame
    Norway was even worse;
    Sweden - no comments;
    Portugal - should have considered not appearing at all.

    Haven't heard Latvia yet or the BIG five countries (leaving myself some room for surprise in the finals)

    Rybak 2009 and Harel Skaat 2010 - those were personalities!
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    Måneblomst said:


    Eurovision and I have a love-hate relationship, i love it but it hates me:

    Azerbaijan won tonight. I didn't like it much, I mean I did like the song, but it was nothing special. It bored me after a while.
    I loathed Italy
    I loathed Sweden
    I loathed Ukraine
    I disliked Denmark
    Really liked Bosnia
    Greece was interesting
    I loathed Ireland
    I loathed Georgia
    I liked Germany but I am very glad Lena did not win again
    I made fun of the UK, it was ridiculous
    I liked Moldova's hats,the song was despicable
    I liked Slovenia
    I loved Serbia
    I really liked France
    Russia was ok
    Romania was hideous
    So were Austria and Lithuania
    Finland was cute
    Iceland was nice
    Hungary was ok
    I loved Spain, it made me happy
    Estonia and Switzerland were the best, yet they ended last
    My overall favorite was Poland
    Jestem twym natchnieniem dla łez ukojeniem
    twój świat kręci się wokół mnie

    Guess what: Poland ended last in semifinal 1
    Twój świat kręci się wokół mnie
    En pige danser i flammernes skær
    Måneblomst hun danser som den varme vind og ulvene hyler i nat ★
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    Paul Orhan said:


    This song should have won: Nina "Čaroban" from Serbia. It has cast a spell on me, I guess, but it's got everything a good hit should have - nice rhythm, catchy melody line, good vocals.

    Or this song should have won: Dino Merlin "Love In Rewind" from Bosnia. I love it ! <3

    This year belonged to the Balkans and Italy

    The fact that Poland ended last in the first semi is ... exactly the place it should end at. Total, imo.