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Thread: Simple Hebrew Phrases for Beginners

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    Quote Originally Posted by bateli777 View Post
    יש הודעות פרטיות באתר הזה ...

    אני עוד עובדת על חיפוש המקור של אביבה אבידן להשתחרר
    אם תמצאי את מלכה אין זה אחד הקשים כמה ששאלתי בפורמים ביקשתי עזרה מאוד אנשים שתמצאים במוזיה יוונית וללא הועיל .....
    אז אם תמאצי פשוט ישר את מוזמת לשלוח אלי הודעה או לפרסם כאן
    אגב יש עוד כמה שירים ששלחתי לך בהודעה גם הם מהווים אתגר עבורי
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    Quote Originally Posted by zedjiga View Post
    Don't understand anything
    The latest messages had nothing to do with your process of studying Hebrew rather an inner discussion regarding
    introduction....some compliments and general comments.
    Best of luck with your studies
    I'm here for you should you want some lyrics to be translated.
    Best wishes.
    Ploutarxos Gia Panta
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    Quote Originally Posted by bateli777 View Post
    נעים מאוד נתן
    באמת עבודה יפה אתה עושה.

    אני לא זוכרת מי כתב שהיא צריכה לשנן את כל ההטיות בעל פה
    אבל , האם היא לא יכולה להעזר בבניינים?

    יהיה לה יותר קל להטות לרבים , אם היא תדע מה השיוך על פי הבנין


    שילם -שילמו

    התארגן - התארגנו


    עברית שפה קשה ללמידה כשפה זרה , בניגוד ללמידה כשפה שניה
    אבל יש שפות קשות ממנה
    אני נאבקת עם יוונית כבר הרבה שנים
    בבסיס המאבק ...חוסר עקביות ,וחוסר חשיפה לשפה מדוברת, רק שירים

    ביוונית אפילו לשמות בני אדם יש

    o yannis etc...
    ולכל שם עצם יש שייכות מגדרית, זכר נקבה או דומם ....

    בהצלחה עם הקורס שאתה נותן כאן
    באמת יישר כח
    Thanks Batel! :-)
    I'll answer in English for zedjiga...

    I think that Hebrew is actually quite an easy language to learn once you get the basics right...I mean, the vocabulary is really really REALLY small and a lot of it is borrowed from English. Plus, the language is very regular...unlike English with 343242352435 exceptions, random things that don't make sense, insanely huge vocabulary, and grammatical/syntax structures which have no explanation other than "you just have to learn it". Oh, and the WORST writing system in the world (way worse than French). But definitely in the beginning Hebrew could be mind-boggling for an English speaker! I have no luck trying to teach my friends even very basic sentences...:-\

    I would love to learn Greek one day, after I finish with Spanish and Arabic...but Hebrew is a really lovely language and I really like supporting people learning it if I can. zedjiga is really talented and she's pretty good at Semitic languages because she's done some Arabic studies too! :-)

    Hopefully people will be inspired to learn Hebrew from this forum...I hope :-)

    SHABBAT SHALOM everybody! :-)
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    zedjiga said:


    Thank you very much. I am really very lucky to receive this tremendous amount of support. Personally I find that Hebrew is an enchanting language perhaps it is not as easy as it sounds really
    I'm sure with incredible people around, learning becomes a breeze and memorable. Come what may, Hebrew and me is here to stay
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    Quote Originally Posted by zedjiga View Post
    Don't understand anything
    I was simply thanking 1inamillion1
    Feel free to ask me, I'll do my best to help you with your Hebrew studies
    Ploutarxos Gia Panta
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    Balev Israeli said:


    1 in a million 1, can you please give us some more mostly used verbs in the same way as you did above. I mean infinitive form and male/female versions in a sentence. I really appreciate your support to those in the forum who wish to learn Hebrew.
    Ani medaber ktzat ivrit aval ani lo kore ve lo kotev.
    Toda raba od paam.

    I've just seen your offer bateli777. Your helps are most welcome.
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    bateli777 said:


    Balev Israeli
    Please write a list of verbs you feel are most needed for you to start and I'll translate them to Hebrew for you.
    What are your objectives in learning Hebrew? Do you want to be able to speak/read/write/all?
    Best of luck
    Ploutarxos Gia Panta
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    Balev Israeli said:


    Shalom Bateli,
    Ani lomed ktzat Ivrit atzmech me ha seferim. Aval, ze “limited” im ani lo kore ve lo kotev. Not much progress or long time to spend. But lyrics with transliterals in English helped me a lot on my way.

    These are some simple verbs promptly I remember. I know some of them in infinitive forms but their suffixes in a sentence makes them more difficult to understand and identify in the sentences. Please find the short list below.

    Show – Open – Close –See – Find – Bring – Smell – Give – Take – Feel - Fly - Make - Change

    I know myself is "atzmech" how do you say yourself, himself/herself?
    I have another question about “et”. Let me give you examples from lyrics. What "et" means in these sentences?

    ech hageshem et haderech
    et halev shelah
    et gufi at mezizah

    Yesh sheila od ahad. Ma ze “hvat” be mishpata :
    "matay hvat tinhati"

    Bateli, I hope my Hebrew is understandable. I’m trying to make some practice by this opportunity. Toda meod leha bishvil ha ezra. Leishtamea.
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