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  1. Keefek said:

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    I asked this question,

    Is this a new song by George Wassouf on his upcoming album?

    If not, what is this?

    And got this answer,

    hedee song masro2aa shelaa khayee shelaa its not allowed

    Can somebody please translate the answer for me because I do not understand? Thank you.
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    amira_daou313 said:


    Well its been 4 years, but nobody replied to you so....... I will anyways

    The video isn't working, it says it doesn't exist, but what the answer says is:

    Arabic transliteration: "hedee song masro2aa shelaa khayee shelaa its not allowed"
    English translation: "This song is stolen (copyright) take it off khayee (brother) take it off its not allowed"

    :| weird answer.... but that is the English "translation"

    sorry its really late but I just felt like answering it anyways!
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