Tentative by sherry joffe [geoffy?]

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    Default Tentative by sherry joffe [geoffy?]

    I heard a great song by a female singer, whose name--as I understood it--was Sherry Joffe (possibly wrong spelling or I mis-heard her name over the radio). I think the song title was "Tentative"--but it was not the same "Tentative" as System Of A Down's, which is more bleak. This was a song about feelings and insecurities.

    The title/refrain may have been different than I'm remembering (for example, "Hesitant," "Reluctant," etc.; it was a one-word title with about three syllables)--still . . . I think "Tentative" rings true. It may have been broadcast by America's "National Public Radio" (NPR) and was sung in English. No internet research has helped me so far. Has anyone heard it?
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    Default A long shot...

    some similarities to your request... a friend of and a song of the day on NPR (rightly so!)

    Sarah Jaffe - Clementine
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    Default May Have Been A Long Shot, But . . .

    It may have been a long shot, but you've won on the artist: Sarah Jaffe.
    I am convinced you found the person!! - WIN!!

    The specific song, I'm unsure about . . . Could be "Clementine" or might be "Vulnerable" or even another song on her new album "The Way Sound Leaves A Room" (Spring 2011) and its lyrics are yet unavailable online.
    This, however, is not a "LOSE" - it is a WIN!!

    Because not only by her name, but by her lyrics and even the specific words/phrasing, (and NPR connection! ), I know Sarah Jaffe is the artist I was looking for--100%!!

    Thank you so much! She definitely has a Lucinda Williams-style , and Lucinda's been one of my favorites for many years!
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