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    Hello, everyone! Yes, I'm a rookie! It seems I've introduced myself on other threads and not this appropriate one . . .

    So glad to be here to share lyrics, likes, and laughter. Some of you have already helped me in new threads. Thanks so much.

    Is there a section/thread to ask miscellaneous questions when I am otherwise unable to locate answers? [For example, how the site works, what is a visitor message, why does my mail disappear, etc.--not asking for separate answers to these right now.] I'm just wondering where this "general" or "miscellaneous" question section might be.

    I'm open to tips and interesting/unusual threads. There is so much on this site, it takes a lot of time to explore and find everything!

    Best wishes to all!
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    I can't believe that no one welcomed you on this thread. Well here it is. Welcome Frankie Jasmine, we hope you enjoy your time here.
    Ρεμπέτικο για πάντα. Μάγκες είμαστε.