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  1. shaderrasimpson said:

    Post Lyricist For Hire

    Im good at writing lyrics, poems, and I am also the author of "Poetry From the Heart." I would just like to be able to write lyrics for someone real famous in the rap/hip hop category.
    I believe that I have the talent to write so I should be able to let the public enjoy my writing skills alone with me. So if there's anyone out there that can help me out, please dont hesitate to email me at:

    Author,Lyricist, & Poet

    E. Simpson
    You can also purchase my book "Poetry From the Heart" @
  2. pezza said:


    I'm good at writing hip hop beats and other production styles but I really don't think people take you seriously unless you show them the heat, ie. Drop some links, show them some of your work etc. "Poetry From the Heart" Beautiful and powerful words but I don't think they'll convince Busta Rhymes to work with you.
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  3. Damien said:


    It has been my experience that no matter how good your poetry or lyrics are if you are not connected in the music business they will go unnoticed. It would help your cause if you could write music as well. Get some garage band to start playing your stuff in bars and nightclubs. No matter how you look at it, it is a long hard road to discovery.
  4. KidWite said:


    I agree with Damien. It all comes down to finding yourself a crew; a lyricist, producer, and if the lyricist can't sing, a singer, at the least. I have been on my toes trying to find a producer in my general vacinity for years. Now I have come across some leads, but other factors come into play then... You have to find a producer, chill with your ethnicity, your style of lyrics, your mood, and sometimes most of all, how much time and money you can invest in your work as a lyricist.

    We all dream big, about being the next Eminem, Pac, 50-Cent, or whomever. and I know how it feels to hear this new rich kid on the radio when you know your rhymes are better, but you just don't have the economic means to get your stuff out there, and taken seriously. Everyone has a voice, every voice has a story, every story thrives to be heard. Never give up, and with luck, your story could be out there, for everyone to hear!

    Peace All: Kid Wite
  5. saree writes rap lyrics:) said:


    im saree, (mc heir.S),
    and have written many songs for rap artists,
    i write for low prices,
    and have an eminem/visual style.
    heres one quick one, i writ,
    let me know what you think:

    shake it at me,
    lights go off,
    bottle of smirnoff,
    in the hand,
    parties, taking to the ground
    on a grand
    level,rubbing ligaments,
    getting in tents,
    parties against the fence,
    **** the parents,
    moving to the groves
    parties soothe
    the things we lose,
    i chose
    you- smirnoff blues,
    tear up the carpet,
    singing tunes,
    harp it,
    its a riot,
    every one gets busy
    with eachother- gets fizy
    than tipsy
    sexual intension, get to ride her,
    ya tried her,
    now go inside her
    shes been on the booze
    on the tune
    with you
    all night
    so enlight
    and ignite
    bothe your appetite,
    for a big bite,
    the parties reaching hights
    iin the car,no lights
    getting tight
    everyone squish
    this *****
    this *****
    shake it at me
    you dont tempt
    just exempt
    everything, that went
    i resent
    everything gone on
    hang on,
    new song,
    on ipod
    girls and guys
    having a fine ride,
    in a tight
    come to the dark side
    your light
    who gives a **** no more
    jaws to the floor,
    holla at my door,
    four to the floor,
    3 for one and one for all.

  6. saree writes rap lyrics:) said:


    rap lyrics,
    for enquiries contact me on: