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  1. texter-bernd said:

    Post about 180 free lyrics offered

    I should mention that my lyrics are free for non-commercial use, otherwise licenses may be due that are cashed by the performing rights organizations of your country (actually you'd have to register your version of the song in question first; just ask me if our collab ever gets that far). Actually fees do not concern the artist or band but the producers or concert organizers. Just check out my notes on the creative commons license. But check out my lyrics first to see if they are to your liking:
    (you'll find them handily bundled up in PDFs)

    I also write lyrics that I match to other's music. But I'd like to hear some samples first to see if a collaboration might make sense. Since I already have four partners I'm writing for at the moment there's not too much room for more - and I can afford to be picky ;-)

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    Jems, I was referring to my own lyrics that are royalty-free for non-commercial use so musicians can create their own songs using them. Hence 'only' 180.

    Popular songs and song lyrics need to be licensed. If you play a popular song it is called 'covering', and the producer or organizer of a concert is supposed to pay royalties (actually that would be the same if you made money 'covering' one of my forty-odd songs). If you write a new tune to existing lyrics you need the acceptance of the lyricist or music publisher, and you have to register the new song with the appropriate rights organization (that, too, would be the same with my lyrics - but only when you begin using them on a commercial scale).

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    Default meanwhile there are more than 400 lyrics for your song projects

    Free for your personal non-commercial projects including internet posts. Otherwise - that is performances, CDs, DVDs ... - just leave it to the PROs (which means: no problem either)*.

    Your choice:

    Look for the compilations "the Lot" - 340 lyrics - and "still there'll be more" - 60 lyrics, or browse through the latest additions.


    *one exception: if you SELL songs via the internet you'll need my consent and may have to cut me in because I excepted internet postings from my PRO contract. It's not a big deal, actually, I'll only ask what the PRO would - 5% of the sales - and only if you actually make enough money to cover the transfer costs ;-)
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