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  1. tj0510 said:

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    Hey everyone, Im new here and i love this site because i can understand the songs better now but I have a question. Can i email or PM someone something kinda private that i need translated? Its something for my dads ex girlfriend.

    thanks !
  2. tj0510 said:

    Default please please please!

    please someone help! i need this before sunday when my dad goes to see his ex. i want to give it to him to give her. i miss her here at the house and i want her to come back.... please help me !
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    Zahra2008 said:


    yes, you can pm some members, I think they won't mind to help you in private, I will give you a list:


    I think they are the most active Spanish translators
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  4. tj0510 said:


    Ok ill try that.. thanks!