i need help please!!!

Thread: i need help please!!!

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  1. Nattsantos said:

    Default i need help please!!!

    so i tried looking and looking and i still got nothing.
    the song says habibi a lot in it and i know a lot of songs say habibi in them. ummm theres a fading whistle in the middle of the song. i believe it kind of starts out slow. the song is really long. i know that the first part of the song is 10 minutes and then the second is like 5 or 8 minutes and the last part is around 5 mintes? the second part of the song starts right away and the guy kinda says habibi ya and then the back ground singers go aaahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh and it repeats more than five times. i would really appreciate it pleasseeeeeeee!
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    Eso said:


    so hard to find the song
    try to remember some words