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  1. queenravenclaw said:

    Smile Feminem songs

    I'm part Croatian and haven't been on the forum for awhile but I <3 Feminem they are awesome. But the thing is I just can't find some of their lyrics online. If someone can help I'll give the links to the dance tunes that I like. The first two I can't find lyrics anywhere. and then numbers 3 and 4 I would just like to know their trnaslations. For each song make a new posts. I think that would be easiest or you can inbox me doesn't matter.

    Srce se bori

    Ovisna spot

    sve sto ostaje

    volim te mrzim te
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    MayGoLoco said:


    You can find all the lyrics here http://tekstovi.net/2,645,0.html