Adele , Hot Or Not ?

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  1. Adele Lyrics said:

    Default Adele , Hot Or Not ?

    SO What you guys thinks about Adele ?

    I am a BIG fan i really like her style and voice i think she has great albums
    and im glad she succeeding with her recent album.

    So share your thoughts
  2. SoyPoliglota's Avatar

    SoyPoliglota said:


    I think she is stunning, and I like her.. And she's hot, she makes mu body temperature raise whenever I hear one of her songs xD
  3. xVeer said:


    She's hot^^
    I like her songs and her voice is so powerful, deep respect for that^^
    Rosa you're my special little lady <3
  4. muge's Avatar

    muge said:


    She's alright, but personally I think she's slightly overrated.
    Söz veriyorum, her şey çok güzel olacak, sadece sen ve ben...