can someone pls translate this english lyrics to turkish?
thanx a looooooooooooot - cok tesekkur ederim

There was a time when you would call me up and make me sit,
Through the night and wait for you, because you needed it,
And I would stick around to comfort you and take your SH*T,
But that all ends now.

I think you should take all your stuff now and go away,
I am sure you'll find another girl, who wants to play,
All the FUC*ed up games, that you have put me through,
Boy that's over now.

Try to concede, I want you to leave,
No more to say, just go away,
Can't you see that I got nothing left for you?

For all the pain and all the sleepless nights,
For all the tears and all the endless fights,
For all the cheating and for all the times you,
Used me, fell through, weren't true, FU** you.

For all the times, that you pissed me off,
For all the times you weren't man enough,
For all the times, that you dissed me,
Forgot me, fell through, weren't true, FU** you.

There was a time, when just a touch from you would make me hot,
I would cry with you and laugh with you and love you but,
Now I see, that it was wrong to put my trust in you, so it's over.