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    Default Lyricist available

    I admit I'm an amateur, but still, if you need lyrics either for a song, either just generally, ask me. I've written about 100 of them till now and can try writing on request. I don't do styles similar to other artists, I just write, you can give me a theme or a situation instead to write about.

    No pay required, just want to be credited (ask me how later, not sure yet), and the songs to belong to me, to be able to use the lyrics if I want to. If it's a song on request I won't though, as it would be written for that specific purpose.

    I can remake songs that already exist (if you gain the copyrights to do so) and I write in English and Greek. Till now I've remade Japanese and Greek songs into English and English ones into Greek.

    Message me anytime!

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    Smile Lyrics

    Hi there I've just joined here after seeing your thread. I compose melodies but I'm rubbish with lyrics! Let me know if you would like to sell some song lyrics or potentially collaborate 50/50.


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