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    MiT said:

    Wink want you back

    First song I wrote myself .... just kept on writing whatever lol whatever came in my mind...
    kept it tight with verses only bcuz I had lots of words to say in just one song XD something like bursting out all feelings ....

    [slow instrumental starts............. ends]
    [verse 1]
    when I was sixteen I suppose
    you were the one so close
    for everything I did you were the cause
    I just wanted to be with you forever
    but now I'm tired of trying to recover
    cuz you left me and my world has changed upside down
    now I'm sitting here with frown
    on my face
    all my feeling I tried real hard to suppress
    but I can't cuz the shadow of you and me together
    doesn't stops the chase
    keep chasing me no matter where I go, what I do
    I wish it was easier for me to let you go
    now I know its not that simple to do so

    [verse 2]
    its dark night n i'm sittin at the roof top
    looking at the moon I just wanna doff this feeling off my head
    just like the sky is not beautiful without moons and stars
    my life isn't beautiful without your existence
    Now I see the difference
    Your no more the same
    The girl I loved isn't you anymore
    the day you left me you left my heart with a sore
    You know that you have changed
    I dunno whats the reason behind bcuz of which you danged
    And now I'm sitting over here dazed,amazed and mazed
    trying to figure out ways
    I'm numb cold nobody knows
    gotta get over this somehow
    need to forget this ow
    you'll regret what you did later or now
    all I wanted was your hand in my hand till the end to stay braw
    to face every difficulties that comes together
    I thought you'll be with me forever
    I would have done anything for you
    anything for you

    [verse 3]
    now I'm eighteen and sitting over here
    writing this song for you I swear
    this is the last time I'm telling you
    that i really want you back in my life this is my last strive
    I wanna live rest of my life with you together
    thats the reason behind bcuz of which I endeavor
    you'r the only one who can make me forget all my pain..
    I dont want the rain to wash away all my feeling in drain
    love is not a game so baby please don't try to play
    please don't try to betray
    I don't even know the reason why you walked away
    I don't wanna know the reason anyway
    cuz all I wan't now is you to stay
    stay with me
    I want you back the way you were before
    So baby take this as your last chance
    I keep thinking somethings gonna change soon now or then

    [speak softly n slowly:]
    So all I wanna say is I really love you
    I wanna be with you,
    I Miss You...
    now im walking all alone on this boulevard
    wondering how you feel and where you are
    you were the one to say goodbye
    i just i just wanna know why
    you were my everything my life
    but then you changed your mind
    I still remember the look on your face when you smile
    your eyes your hairs can't even forget you for a while
    it was you and me, me and you,
    and i just i just wanna know why..

    [verse 4:]
    but now youre millions of miles away
    I wish you would call just to ask about my day
    it would make things so much better if I could hear you voice
    I guess I can't complain too much, after all it was my choice
    to let you go, but now I really want u back
    I wish I could hold you in my arms and look in your eyes.
    I promise I will always be true to you and never tell you lies.
    its so hard to live my life without you by my side.
    my tears are the only thing i'll ever try to hide.
    I lie awake in bed as the tears stream down my face,
    they keep flowing until they hit my pillow case.
    nobody knows how I'm living these days or maybe I'm just staying alive
    your love is all i need cuz its worth my strive

    Copyright 13/06/2011

    Just a song felt like writing becuz of a girl I liked someday ...
    well I don't really wan't her back now cuz she's so happy with another guy I'm happy to see that
    She is still my friend, one of my best friend, and she has not changed actually Its just an imaginative writing, only some things are real ...
    I know I can find a new girl any day any time ... so no worries
    I tried to put as much as I can to make it feel that I really want her back ... just bcuz the song is "want you back"

    now I need feedback after all this is the first song I wrote all by my self XD

    I've everything done for this song instrumentals ready my flow is matching with it, just thinking about giving this lyrics a final touch before getting on mic small changes ..
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    Good stuff MiT! And if you work with it on instrumental, rephrase, punch up or fine-tune a teeny bit here and there, I think it's got some good possibilities. Keep workin' it
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    MiT said:


    hehe... thanks