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    arux said:

    Default Spanish slang clarifications

    I know quite a lot of Spanish slang, specially the ones used in reggaeton. If you have any you dont know, just post them here...
  2. tru_love221 said:


    O ma gosh thanks so much! there is a lot of slang i dont understand in reggaeton songz.
    can you tell me what:
    and Cangri (what DY says a lot)

    thanks so much! i know not all might be slang, but they arent in the dictionary lol thanks!
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    arux said:


    -Giales ('Gial' for singular)- This means 'girls'. I am 90% sure this comes from a Spanish adaptation to the pronunciation of 'girl' in Patua. Listen to Temperature by Sean Paul when he says "Oh lord, girl I got the right tactics to turn you on" to hear it clearly.

    -Pelon- The only meaning I know is 'bald'

    -Machucando- Means 'smashing'. This is an allusion to the way people dance reggaeton (smashing the girl's rear).

    -atabajo (correct spelling is hasta abajo)- go down, or to go down. Usually yelled at girls, or to a couple so they go as low as they can.

    Cangri- A person that is respected. Equivalent to saying 'tha man'. This is strictly Puertorican I think.

    I hope that clarifies a little . If you want, look for more, I am glad to help...
  4. tru_love221 said:


    thanks so much! i have been wondering about those for a while lol
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    arux said:


    No problem! Post any others if you like, i'll be happy to help...
  6. Llevame_Tiburon said:

    Default ooo

    i dunno if these or slang or what but how bout

    asicala, janguar, no te me ajores, vacilar, bocina(from gasolina alone ) what EXACTLY do they mean when they say toma and dame and dale? ive just been guessing... and rozar, perrear, puyo, wateque
    yo se que a ti te gusta cuando estamos envueltos? i know you like it when we're {what}?

    que tu eres la demente? that your dementeD?
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    arux said:


    acicala'(acicalada)- well groomed, dressed nicely.

    janguear- from the English 'hang out'

    no te me ajores- do not be scared, don't be alarmed. They say 'ajores' in the song to make it rhyme with 'mejores' but its really 'no te me azores'.

    vacilar- to have fun

    bocina- the speaker

    toma- take it (the man offers his stuff)

    dame- give me (woman asking for the man's stuff) lol

    rozar- to rub

    perrear- to dance reggaeton. Girl in front facing away, her butt rubbing against the guy's groin. If you want to see how most girls dance it Now imagine you are back there. THATS PERREO!

    puyo- 'muevete ese cu.. por ahi mismo yo te puyo' means 'move that 4$$, thats where you will get plugged' lol

    wateque (guateque)- could mean different things. It can mean 'party'. The expressions 'darte wateque' means practically the same as 'have sex' or 'have a lot of fun with you".

    yo se que a ti te gusta cuando estamos envueltos - 'I know you like it when are wrapped around each other'

    que tu eres la demente- not clinically insane. He means that she does things that no one else does, thats why he likes her...

    There you go, amazing what these guys come up with haha!
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  8. tru_love said:


    -eso ehh
    - presea (sp)- in lo que paso, paso
    -hudo (sp)- 'muevete hudo' in a ricky martin song lol
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    arux said:


    eso ehh (eso es) - equivalent to saying 'that's how i like it'

    presea - from the English 'press'. Pression from someone to a point that it gets annoying (as in your girlfriend constantly being on top of you). He says 'presea dale presea' as a dare to the girl.

    sonando- this alone means 'sounding'. If you give me the whole phrase I can see if it is used in a different sense.

    escapularios- religious necklaces with the image of a saint ==click the link to see one:

    hudo: the song really says 'muevete duro' which means 'move it hard'

  10. tru_love said:


    thanks!the sentence was 'ya va sonando' it is a song title.
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    arux said:



    The song says "My cannon is already starting to sound". That is, he has started attacking by means of his lyrics...
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    Chiquita Nikkita said:


    What is the meaning of Bellon...Bellón? in Daddy Yankee's song? I think i've got the rest translated OK, but I don't know PR slang. HELP!
  13. beelicious said:

    Thumbs up

    ur on point with this stuff thanx! lol
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    arux said:


    The US Dollar is the official currency of Puerto Rico. Locally, they call a quarter 'peseta', and a nickel 'bellón'.
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    Chiquita Nikkita said:


    thanx arux... i'll prolly have more questions later
  16. tru_love said:


    can you tell me what these mean?
    and Eliel (sp) (Don Omar says it a lot)

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    Chiquita Nikkita said:

    Default i might be able to help

    i've come across some of those words while translating... but ANYONE is welcome to correct me (please).

    Mus- a goodlooking guy
    ojitos- kind of an endearing term for eyes, like cute litle eyes...
    Jangueo- I hang out, from the verb "Janguear"
    Eliel- i do believe that is the name of the man Don Omar sings for.

    i have NO idea what Donkeo is...
    once again, if any of this is wrong, sorry, but im just tryin to help. Corrections R great!
  18. tru_love said:


    Thanks! what do u usually use for translating?
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    Chiquita Nikkita said:

    Talking Heres some pages...

    I use a couple diff pages; you just kind of have to sort thru them to get what you want. Do you speak spanish? becuase some of the definitions are in spanish only.

    if you've got any more Q's, i'd be glad to answer them. U just might need a real Boricua for some of the slang tho.
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    arux said:


    Donkeo comes from the English word dunk (basketball). The song is a metaphor describing his superiority with respect to the other artists.

    I am not Boricua, I am Cuban, but I live in Miami and I am surrounded by them. I also I go to reggaeton parties every week.
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