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    Default learning frances with listening to frances music


    please help me to find a site that i would be able to download frances music with lyrics.

    je vou apprand de frances avec ecotes a musice frances. s'il vous plait dit moi une site )

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    Hi If you want to learn French (you made mistakes in the title it's : Learning French not Frances, in french we say Le Français)

    You can listen to a lot of French music and just post the lyrics here, someone will translate it for you. (maybe me haha)

    Here is some songs you will maybe like :

    Brigitte - Ma benz

    M-Pokora - juste une photo de toi

    K-maro histoire de luv

    And so on

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    >>> Brigitte - Ma benz

    could you help me please to interpret the text?
    I understand more or less the text itself but
    the symbolics is pretty difficult for me.


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