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    Question Help translating something very slangy

    Hello! This is full of typos and Mexican slang. I think I have a basic idea of what's being said but I'd like to know better how the slang roughly translates. I fixed a bunch of the typos, if someone could fix the rest, I'd really appreciate it so I can learn!

    I know this is a bad way to speak but unfortunately, it's out there and learning Spanish means learning all of it.

    Thanks in advance to whoever helps out!
    "Ahora toda la bola* de musicos ya quieren hacer grupos igual que los MS jaja que copias neta me dan hasta risa bola de sebastianes y yo puse mario pa k (para que?) se les gravee."

    Now all the crowd of musicians already want to form groups the same as MS. haha. What copiers ("copy cats"). Truth, .....

    *bola = crowd of people

    "Ahh quien quiere hacer grupo?" Who wants to make/form a group?

    "Lo digo por el tamarindo wey (guey?) ya ves que se salio de con nosotros y ya anda dando todas las ideas de nosotros aya (alla?) con chelao hasta la ropa que ibamos a comprar jaja"

    .......... even the clothes were were going to buy. haha.

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    Hey, I'm not Mexican, but I'll try to help you

    1. I think that bola de artistas can be translated as a bunch of artists , but I'm not 100% sure about this. Anyways, I think that it isn't too important.

    2. Neta - this is also Mexican slang, it means 'la verdad' , 'de verdad' or something like that.

    3. para que se les grave - so that they remember it (it means to remember something in such way that it woun't go away, it'll stay in your mind)

    So the translation of the first part would be:

    -Now a bunch of artists want to make groups like the MS, haha such copiers, thruthfully, the sebastianes even make me laugh, and I've put Mario so that they would remember.

    Let's move on to the second part now

    1. wey or guey It means dude, it's slang obviously it's very common in Mexico

    I say it because of tamarindo dude, *he left us and now he's giving all of our ideas to them with chelao, even the clothing we were going to buy.

    *ya ves que se salio de con nosotros - the literal tranlsation would be 'he got out of us' but as you can see, he left us sounds better

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