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    Exclamation Is it safe to say come on come on

    Does anybody know the name to that song that goes "is it safe to say come on come on .... til we do no wrong" all i remember is that the music video for this song has the video split into two. At the top there is just a guy walking through the various scenes and then at the bottom there is the band playing but you can only see they're feet. Finally at the end the two different scenes come together. I've been looking for this song for the past 3 months if anybody could help out by a hint or the name or anything i would totally love it
    thanks a bunch:


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    Mugen Power

    is this the song,

    YouTube - Project Drift

    check out that video is on there i think, i love that song but i dont know the name either

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    Mugen Power

    i think i found the song, its called "c'mon, c'mon" by the von bondies

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