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  1. adrian0918 said:

    Default Please help for translation

    please translate to english bitte

    A:hm... wieder aktiviert?
    Bi mer voll am überlege mini hoor brun z Färbe, so wie Naturhoorfarb...
    Wa meinsh du?

    B:Hehe jo scho, aktiv ehm, gsäch secher schön us hej en frog, de adrian stresst die ganz ziit är wett dini nommere?! Sölli oder ned kuss

    Ah ja, hani voll vegessen. han ihm gseid ga das du sie Ihm gish, wel de Chef grad cho wäri... Jo chasch sie i

    A:hm geh. hm.. den simer eifach nüme geidi blau und blond =)

    Bas stemmt.. Vorallem nögscht schueljohr eschs wechtig wennd verstohsch

    A:jo sho... aber mer hend ke brülle ...
  2. revo said:


    A:hm...activated again?
    Im thinking of coloring my hair brown, just like natural color^^
    what do you think? (about that)

    B: hehe, yes, active. it would look nice. hey i got a question; adrian ist stressing me all the time that he wants your number. should i give it to him or not? kiss

    A: oh yes, i forgot about that. i told him that you would give it to him, because the boss just showed up (the person was only pretending that the boss showed up). yes you can give it to him (number). hm... but then we both are not more blue and blond anymore (*what ever this does mean*)

    B: thats right. especially next schoolyear its important if you know what i mean

    A: yes i do... but we dont have no eyeglasses
  3. feuersteve's Avatar

    feuersteve said:


    blau u blond = drunk and blond
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.
  4. Ghaly's Avatar

    Ghaly said:


    "brülle"... Also, ich habe ja schon viel Schweizerdeutsch gehört, als Stuttgarter... aber das?
    - Racism is not far, it is in everybody's nature. Detect thy fears, thy prejudices, and live in unison with these fears and every being that does not harm thee.
  5. feuersteve's Avatar

    feuersteve said:


    Brülle = Brillen
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.