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  1. Kutsi said:

    Exclamation A question I would like to ask

    See a friend of mine gave me two songs that he said was from this forum. I mean lyrics, which were written by two members or a member of this website. And of course I didn't think that it would get me in any trouble to use just two of them with my friends. Since me and my friends are making underground music, as in without streamers (tax labels) I just wanted to ask if anyone is the owner/owners of either of these two songs This Rap Game and I don't remember the name of the other song but it's start is like this;

    Maybe I should do some revision. Listen!
    Dude that's a mission. So ineffecient!

    So my question is;

    A) Is it illegal to produce underground songs without permission from the owner, who's lyrics doesn't have a streamer?

    B)And if the user's are just offended by it, can I get the user names of the owners or owner of these two songs so that I can ask for permission to use them while also giving them the credit for writing these songs?

    If anyone could really answer me as soon as possible.

    Thank you.
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  2. Tania ATL's Avatar

    Tania ATL said:


    Kutsi, I'd recommend to you go to Rap Lyrics section and look there for song authors to ask them. For me it looks very likely that they'd be just happy to have their lyrics used and themselves credited by your band.
  3. JD101 said:


    With the title "The Rap Game" you'll find most emcees will have a song with that title, Post one of the verses up give people more of an idea? or just don't use them and write your own, or get someone to write them for you that will give you rights of use...