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  1. Aman:) said:

    Red face Mariposas--Shakira

    English translation for mariposas--shakira plz and thank you
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    laylawayaam said:



    Butterflies are flying out of synch
    Coloring the April sky
    They fly so high, wherever the wind decides to take them
    Neither the years nor the obstacles
    Nothing separates me from you
    I'm staying with you
    And I'm staying my whole life

    We have already kicked the rocks along the road
    The universe seems stingy
    Compared to what you give to me

    I will keep insisting without rest
    This is an endless story
    My love is supernatural

    Oh oh ah ah ah ah

    When I'm with you, butterflies
    Fly from my navel to where you are
    You will cause many things to be born inside me
    I want my womb to become a nest
    Place your tenderness in me [1]
    I will make many things grow inside you

    While walking we created a path
    That even the future could guess
    I never play if I'm not sure I'll win[2]

    (Chorus x2)

    Oh oh ah ah ah ah

    (Chorus x2)

    Oh oh ah ah ah ah

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