This is a short freestyle I came up with in school today. It's pretty much my first rap, I guess. Is it utter ****? If so, how could I make it better? Thanks!

I'm running this ****.
I am THE bad *****.
**** all the rules, I break 'em
I don't care if you be hatin'

'Cause all these pretty ladies seem to really, really like me, now.
Cause I never call 'em *****es, 'less they wanna talk all dirty down.
But anyway, as I was saying,
Listen up so you can pay me:

LaLa Nasty at the scene,
get all the girls they inhalers,
Tell 'em I ain't even 18,
Can't even buy inhalants.

My rhymes are dope, mary jane.
And so I smoke 'em.
I murder beats and get away.
Yeah, I'm from Florida.

My flow be very nasty; don't call it Vanessa.
It floodin' your girl's panties; I'll clean that mess up.

I'm new to the game but don't let that confuse you, brainfart.
I'm signed in and kickin' *** from the comfort of my bedroom, xbox.

So please step aside, I'm a lady, ya'll are dudes.
I've finally realized rappin's what I'm s'pposed to do.